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Release 82 Notes

The following items have been completed in this release.

Sprint Began: 7/1/2019     Sprint Ended: 7/31/2019

All release notes are now delivered in a single document. To learn about product features that you may not recognize, contact your customer success manager.

Release schedule

The following chart describes the typical release schedule for our monthly upgrades. The schedule is subject to change and will be updated as required. To determine your group number or to ask questions, please contact Professional Services via the Extranet.

Upgrade groups
Date of upgrade
For this sprint, tentatively occurs on
Group 1Second Tuesday of the monthAugust 13, 2019
Group 2Third Tuesday of the monthAugust 20, 2019
Group 3Fourth Tuesday of the monthAugust 27, 2019

Product Enhancements

The following symbols apply to product enhancements:

 Denotes a change in functionality. So, when we move the cheese and change the way something works, you will know about it.

 Pulse Plus (Pulse with additional modules)

 Pulse Advanced Admin (Pulse advanced administration)

Post to ClientSpace dashboard (32033) ENHANCEMENT 

The Post to ClientSpace dashboard that is used by the email add-in to create email activities within the application has been updated and contains the following functionality:

  • The user interface has been changed from a single message display to a new split panel display. 
  • The left side of the panel displays the Email information followed by the Email body.
  • The right side of the panel displays different detail forms depending on which link is clicked from the new Post to Pulse links menu. The default display is an icon with the words Choose an action or select close to return to email.
  • When you click Close without selecting an action, you are returned to the email inbox.
  • Organization and Contact default selection have been improved, making the email address matching process more accurate.
  • Specific functionality changes include resetting the detail form fields to their default passed-in values whenever the detail form is hidden.
  • Attaching to records in the system has been simplified. The Action Center contains an Attach to Record link that creates the Activity and auto-attaches the email to the selected dataform.
  • After items are posted, the user will receive a "Success" confirmation with an option to open the record where the activity was attached, providing the opportunity to review and edit the activity, task, or case that was just created.

The development of the Post to ClientSpace dashboard spans several related tasks. For a complete list of new functionality, review Creating activities, cases, and tasks from your Outlook email.

Izenda Business Intelligence engine (36269) ENHANCEMENT 

The Izenda Business Intelligence engine in the application has been updated from to the current version of These release updates are primarily bug fixes by Izenda to make the application more stable or fix issues. For a complete list of the changes, read the Izenda Release Notes.

Workflow Channel Date fields on Dataform/Task clone (32844) ENHANCEMENT 

Workflow channel dataform cloning has been enhanced. The configuration of date fields for dataform cloning has been updated to match the functionality presented when cloning dates on tasks:

  • All date datatypes will open the same dialog when triggering a Dataform clone that they do on Task clone (i.e., Start Date Source).
  • The dialog will provide the option to select Create DateSpecific Date, or From a Field on a Form.
  • From a Field on a Form will include the triggering form for that workflow, in addition to all single dataforms with Date fields. 
  • When you pick From a Field on Form and select a Form, the available fields are active Date fields on the dataform. 
  • The default value for a date field is Create Date.
  • The dialog will also include the option for Offset after the date field has been selected.
  • Offset default value is 0 Business Days.

After clicking Ok, the UI will present:

  • 0 Business Days after Create Date
  • 0 Business Days after Specific Date
  • 0 Business Days after Field Label (i.e., Contract Effective Date)

A conversion script has been included to convert the data for existing Task offsets. (Change to the way data is stored in the database table.)

For more information about workflows, review the document Configuring Workflow Channels in our Knowledge Base.

Non-Global Admins to Import files (38660) ENHANCEMENT 

The system has been enhanced to include a security entity that gives a Global Admin the ability for some users to be able to upload and run imports without giving them Global Admin rights. The security entity SYS_ImportManager can be used in a role to designate which users are allowed access to manage imports through the Import Management Module. It is recommended to secure the Import Management Module using the same role assigned the new entity (System Admin > Modules > Action Items > Roles), which would display the module for users with the entity, but hide it from users that did not have access. For more information about role security, review the article Administering Role Security. Review the step-by-step procedure, Managing Data Imports.

Security (38662) ENHANCEMENT 

Updated security for the following user profile fields:

  • Username
  • Department
  • Immediate Supervisor
  • Enable Time Tracking
  • Upload Email Attachments

These fields are now read-only for non-global admin users.

Tabbed Dataform Properties (38667) ENHANCEMENT 

Workflow Channel and Email Template configuration have been updated. We removed the ability to use Child forms in a tabbed relationship as triggering forms in Workflow channels or Email templates. Workflow channels and email templates are triggered by the dataform save process, and in the case of tabsets, the dataform save is done at the Home form level. The effects of this change are as follows:

  • You can no longer select tabbed forms as the Trigger form when configuring email templates or workflow channels.
  • When a form is added to a tab set, the ability to mark the form as "Trigger enabled" is removed.
  • If removed from a tabset, the trigger enabled flag is again available on the dataform.
  • This development includes a script to remove the triggerable property from all currently configured tab dataforms.
  • Tab dataform fields can still be used as trigger conditions on the Conditions step of email template or workflow configuration.

Note: Successfully using Workflow Channels and Email Templates across tabbed dataform sets is coming in a future sprint.

Boolean Workflow Channel Condition Standardization (38871, 39546, 38869) ENHANCEMENT  

Boolean values (checkboxes) have been standardized in how they are configured when using these types of fields for triggering conditions in Workflow Channels, Email Templates, and Custom Link Conditions. When using a checkbox from a triggering dataform, the available options for selection when configuring are Checked and Unchecked. When configuring triggers using server data proc flags based on checkboxes, the available options are Yes and No and correlate to Checked and Unchecked.

User Link: Salesforce to ClientSpace (38902) ENHANCEMENT 

The Salesforce API has been enhanced. The method for matching the Assigned To user on an organization and related workspace to the OwnerID of a Salesforce account has been updated to store these cross-references in a SQL table. Previously this matching function would only match on an email that was not always a unique match. 

The system will now initially match on the user's email address. When a match is found, the system will use the matching record to insert a user record into the SQL table. When complete, if the email address of the user changes, the system will continue to match the appropriate Salesforce user to ClientSpace user.

Data access (38891) ENHANCEMENT 

Core systems have been refactored to use a newer data access function. These systems include:

  • ReportRepository
  • ScheduledProcessRepository
  • TimeZoneRepository
  • WorkflowRepository
  • WorkspaceSettingsRepository

Email template (39011) ENHANCEMENT 

Email Template Text Area Field replacement has been enhanced. Previously field replacement from text fields was limited to a specific maximum number of characters. This limit, however, included line breaks and returns, causing the number of characters returned to seem very small. These fields have been enhanced in field replacement so that you can now specify the character limit returned. The default value is 500 characters and can be configured in the following manner.

Email Template Replace Fields:

  • Dataforms
    • TextArea, Log, and Editor fields now display selections for the first 500 chars, all chars, or <number_of_chars>

{DataformName.FieldName} - displays first 500 characters in the field

{DataformName.FieldName.All} - displays all characters in the field 

{DataformName.FieldName.25} - displays first 25 characters in the field (the system uses the  specified number when returning character counts

  • Server Data Procs
    • SDP data is typically treated as Text data, so the first 500 characters will be retrieved. The SDP can be modified to return fields as {output}, {output.All}, {output.<number_of_characters>}, in which case the length specified will be honored.

Merge engine (39273) ENHANCEMENT 

Updated the merge engine to pass the ID of the dataform from which a merge is run through the filter page. The update allows the dataformID to be included with the filter parameters when running the report.

PrismHR API version upgrade (39414) ENHANCEMENT 

The PrismHR API Service References have been updated to v1.17 to uphold the maximum 2 version differences allowed between ClientSpace and PrismHR API. No functionality changes were made, this was simply an update to allow future compatibility up to v1.17 (functions exactly as v1.15). The update affects ALL of the PrismHR import processes (initial, ongoing, event). 

Versioning differences are allowed as follows:

  • API Endpoint configurations can be v1.15, 1.16, or 1.17 (not later than 1.17).
  • ClientSpace Endpoint version should NEVER be later than the Client's installed PHR API version.
    • ClientSpace Endpoint v1.15 works on PHR 1.15, 1.16, and 1.17 API
    • ClientSpace Endpoint v1.16 works on PHR 1.16 and 1.17 API
    • ClientSpace Endpoint v1.17 works on PHR 1.17 API
    • ClientSpace Endpoint v1.16 does NOT work on PHR 1.15 API (in this example, drop the Endpoint to v1.15)

37001Field replacement does not work consistently in Microsoft Edge

Resolved an issue with the Microsoft Edge browser that included HTML markup for line breaks when using field replacement in workflow channels or email templates.

37460Cleanup Workspace Group functionality

Resolved an issue with Workspace settings when the Workspace Group value was not in the Workspace Group table, resulting in bad data.

37595Editor field does not follow fieldset level field display

Resolved an issue with the editor datatype where the field type would not follow the field display rules applied to its parent fieldset. Editor fields now work as other fields when their parent fieldset is hidden or disabled.

38069Exception Email action

Resolved an issue where users tried to access an email in the External Mailbox when it was already deleted, and the search had not been refreshed. Users will now receive a warning if they try to access an already deleted email.

38462 Report Record save error

Resolved an issue with Report Admin that could cause an exception on save of a new record under some configurations.

38488Exception: Procedure errorResolved an issue where the Sales Entity datatype was not working properly on some dataforms and logging an error. The error is no longer logged, and the field displays as blank if no results are available.
38668Third-party application users - Not alphabetizing when sorted

Resolved an issue in the Third Party Applications dashboard where the Users column was not sorting alphabetically in ascending order by default.

38683Salesforce: OOI and COI audit records not archiving

Resolved an issue that did not archive the Organization Other Info and Contact Other Info records in the audit system after being successfully exported to Salesforce using the Salesforce API.

38913Auditing Dataforms

Resolved an issue when a tblTableColumnMetadata record is created for a field, and that record is then deleted in Tables. The Audit field on the field configuration for the deleted record did not display as empty and audited. A refresh was required prior to the fix.

Now, after a tblTableColumnMetadata record is deleted, Audit this Field immediately shows the changes. 

38914 Preserve field properties

Resolved an issue where special field properties were being overwritten when fields configured with a custom function would be updated through the user interface, causing the custom function configuration on the field to be lost.

38953Email Admin search feature is not rendering results

Resolved an issue that caused the % search in Email Admin to improperly search all fields configured for quick search.

38961System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Procedure: nw_users_i_project_user_to_group

Resolved the SqlException (0x80131904) issue that could occur during template switching based on Sales Region on the Client Master.

38976Error message populating twice

Resolved two issues.

The first issue was when an Integer, Decimal, or Money field is required but not filled in, and a user tries to save without filling in the field. It will display two duplicate required field errors for that field. Now, this should only show one required field error per Integer, Decimal, or Money field.

The second issue was in Workflow channels. If a user is creating a new scheduled workflow and leaves Frequency Limit, Date Offset, or Grace Period empty and tries to move forward configuring the content of the channel, duplicate errors occurred for field requirements. The issue has been fixed and now only displays one error per field.

38989Refactor stored proc: peo_clientspace_clientservicecase_s_notifications

Updated the scheduled process that sends out the Case escalation email to make the process more efficient and reduce run time.

39018 Duplicate Salesforce import/export mappings

Resolved an issue that caused duplicate import mappings to display due to duplicate Import Source lookups for the Salesforce Import/Export.

39055Exception: Third-party application saving nullsResolved an issue that allowed users to attempt to create a blank third-party application record and then logged an exception in the system. Fields on the third-party application are now required, and the exception is no longer logged.
39060Remove references of tblIncidentCategory from the application (PEO layer)

Removed all references to the deprecated tblIncidentCategory table including application code and SQL.

39095Approval records, Decline causing an error on save

Resolved an issue during the R80 approval conversion that forced the Client Master ApprovalDate field to empty when an approval was declined. The code has been updated so if Status is Approved or ContractPending, the Client Master Approval date will be today. Otherwise, it will leave the date as is. 

39110Claim Type Metadata NEXT conversion

Converted the Claim Type Metadata from Classic to the NEXT interface. The conversion simplifies configuration for the Default Claim Specialist on Comp Claims. To configure, access the metadata through the Claim Type lookup values.

39148Business rules firing multiple times

Resolved an issue where if two Business rules were configured on two different forms and shared a Primary trigger and the secondary trigger field existed on both forms, it would trigger the rule twice.

Now, if this situation is met, the rule will validate the form and fire the rule appropriately.

39185Task Security

Updated the Task manager security to resolve an issue where some users were able to see tasks in the list for workspaces to which they had no access. The task manager list will now only display tasks from workspaces to which the user has access.

39238Exception: Accessing Template Task Triggering

Resolved an issue that prevented access to configured template task triggering for reconfiguration. The problem logged an error in the system. Users can now access template task triggering with no errors.

39250Outlook ClientSpace Addin not working on new version/build of MS Office 365

Resolved an issue caused by a recent patch from Microsoft that caused applications using the Office.js API to fail, including the Email Add-in for Outlook. Email Add-in now works as expected.

39270Error activating Enterprise License

Resolved an issue where the data packet passed to the server during license user saves could exceed the maximum amount of data allowed in systems with 500+ users, causing the save to fail.  

39279Log a Case button is not workingResolved an issue where clicking the "Log a case" button on the Help Center would present a spinning loading icon and not open the create case dialog.

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